Blog Stamp MarchThere is Excitement in the Air #EPICchallenge


Imagine a five year old waiting for their birthday and their special birthday party –that's exactly how I feel about our upcoming National Epilepsy Awareness Day Campaigns. PURPLE DAY!!! You can feel the excitement and an epic challenge is in the air with only 1 more day until our National Epilepsy Awareness day, March 26th. There is a pulse in the air like no other I've felt. Our fax machine has been vibrating with registration forms from schools registering to participate in our celebrations, our phones are ringing nonstop and so many of you have dropped by to pick up Purple Day materials for your office. Not to mention, thousands of pancakes flipped and consumed last month to kick off Epilepsy Awareness Month. "Purple Day" 2015 continues to be a day of anticipation as the nation turns purple.


Epilepsy agencies coast to coast have been engulfed with month long celebrations as communities rally and engage in our Purple Day movement.


While there is currently no cure and very little is known about the cause of this disease, what I do know is that on March 26th, millions of us will be standing strong. So whatever your Purple event is, do it with pride – talk to your politicians, your neighbours and everyone one you know. We are raising our flag... let's ensure that everyone can see it blowing in the wind, it is the wind of change upon us.


It is an epic challenge and it's our time to move a nation. How are you celebrating Purple Day on March 26th? #EPICchallenge #EpilepsyAwarness #PurpleDay


Dianne McKenzie 

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