CHEX PURPLE DAYThe month of March has been a sea of purple! On March 26th, 50 million people worldwide stood united to raise awareness of the third most common neurological condition. As I prepare this final blog of the month I'm deeply moved by the warmth and support our community has shown; for many years I have told families and people living with Epilepsy that they are not alone, but for the first time in 12 years I truly believe that we belong.

Blog Stamp March'Thank you' hardly conveys our appreciation –It has been an exciting, exhausting and EPIC month. Our first responders are lacing up their boots with purple laces, with every running step they take to help someone in trouble, people with Epilepsy will know that we are with them in some way; supporting one another is comforting in so many ways.


On March 26th, our office was a hub of community leaders and caring friends stopping by to wish us well, and thank us for our hard work. I was never more surprised as when I pulled into our office parking lot to be followed by a food truck, (those are very big trucks) and our dear friend Benito of Grillin' Like a Villain pulled in just behind me "just here to make sure my friends have lunch on their big day". By the end of the day we received a text from another friend Kyle, wondering "are you ladies working late tonight?" and then appeared with two very much needed cups of tea –the last little push to get us through another very long day.

There is a movement like none I have ever witnessed, with our community behind us, Chelsea and I encourage you to stand strong and become engaged. We implore you to talk, talk, and talk some more about Epilepsy and its effects. Only through dialogue and standing united will we rally our community and continue towards a movement to erase stigma, increase research, and foster an environment of inclusiveness.

Epilepsy Awareness Day is EVERY DAY; the purple colour may be seen a little less as we move on to other events, but remember a little splash of purple goes a long way......

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." – Francis of Assisi


Dianne McKenzie

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