January Blog Stamp Edit Capable.pubPurple Day only 33 days way!


March 26th is Purple Day, a day dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy. 


To promote this day people are encouraged to wear purple and host events and activities in support of epilepsy awareness around the world. We are proud to launch our new corporate initiative –   & 'Be a Kid for a Kid'.


Be a Kid For a Kid Winning Artwork 2016 2Do you remember the fun you had playing hopscotch, musical chairs, and blowing bubbles? So many of our kids living with epilepsy don't get a chance to be a 'normal' kid, so we are asking you, your friends, and your co-workers to take a moment and be a kid for a kid. The beauty of this initiative is that you choose what you would like to do, and the options are limitless. It doesn't matter if you work with 5 or 500 colleagues; just say yes, I'll help.


We have 10 brave ambassadors who are asking you to be a kid. We are asking that you approach your employer, large company or small, with this exciting initiative. We have lots of materials to help you along the way – just send us an email or pop by for a visit!


You can also join us in celebrating Epilepsy Awareness Month by 'Warming Your Head and Your Heart' – wearing your very own, cozy Epilepsy Durham Region toque. Take a selfie of you in your toque and be part of a social media campaign #Toques4Epilepsy. Every toque purchased helps someone living with epilepsy.

Still looking for a way to make a lasting impact?


You can help by distributing materials about Purple Day and epilepsy in your community, setting up a display, information booth, or presentation, have a purple-themed bake sale, or hold a purple clothing contest at a school or workplace. Contact us for more ideas.


Now is our time to stand together as one voice, raise awareness, and end stigma. It's going to be amazing!!


- Dianne McKenzie

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