feb new beginnings blogMarch is a time of new beginnings, spring is almost here, some of our most favourite birds are returning with such a song in their voices and new buds are forming on our apple trees.

This March, I feel like there is something extra in the air. There is a momentum, a feeling so strong that it's hard to put into words. If you haven't heard, March is Epilepsy awareness month. It seems to me that the pulse has quickened and more and more people are talking, not just whispering, but really talking about Epilepsy; those who live with it and, a little more surprising, those who have no connection at all are asking questions.

I attended a business meeting yesterday with 52 other people, with no connection to Epilepsy. I was moved when more than half of them stood up to my surprise wearing our toques in show of support. Solidarity. My breath was taken away.

I hope those of you living with or for caring for someone with this neurological disease can feel this silent, yet powerful movement. It is our time to shine. During the month of March take time to educate everyone you know about Epilepsy. It's your time!


- Dianne McKenzie



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