Happy New Year Everyone,


I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas holiday.


It's hard to believe that we are mid-way through January, with this cold weather, I'm longing for an afternoon in my backyard sitting in the sun and listening to the sounds of summer, lawn mowers, birds, kids.... Ah. I'm looking out of my office window right now and the cold wind is blowing snow and the little birds away from my birdfeeder. I have to go outside shortly and I know that that wind is just going to bite my cheeks.

Chelsea and Dianne Merry Christmas 2

Silent Night... A time to really reflect on how lucky we have been...


I'm sitting at my desk wrapping up a few last year end tasks, listening to Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians. I know it is an old album, but it is from an era of my childhood that of reminds me of the excitement of waiting for Santa to arrive and my mom and dad equally as excited about the celebrations of the season.

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