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After a province-wide scarcity of the anti-seizure medication Clobazam, the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance has been working diligently to address to shortage and provide those living with epilepsy with viable alternatives while the issue is being resolved.


Click here to read about medical recommendations for adults with epilepsy currently taking Clobazam, as per information received from  Dr. J.C. Martin del Campo (University Health Network) and Dr. Jorge Burneo (London Health Sciences Centre).


Clobozam/Drug ShortageIn a new national survey of more than 1,070 members of the Canadian Pharmacists Association, Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacies released January 14th, 2013, statistics reveal startling findings:


  • - 66% of doctors reported that a national drug shortage worsened since 2010
  • - 94% of pharmacists reported difficulty locating medication for a patient in the previous week
  • - 41% of pharmacists surveyed said drug shortages compromised their patients' health


Click hereto read the full story and to watch a video featuring a patient with epilepsy

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