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Epilepsy Durham Region's Epic Golf Challenge is back for our FIFTH year! On May 9th, 2019, 11 teams of four(ish) competed against one another in a battle of 36 holes, trying to not only end up with the best round of golf, but also to raise the largest amount of pledged money. 

Words cannot convey our pride and gratitude as we share that our Epic Golf Challenge participants raised a total of $134,756.62 in support of our Keeping it Epic Clinic to Community


*excerpt from Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health. https://cadth.ca/collaboration-and-outreach/advisory-bodies/call-nominations 



Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) is creating a new Patient and Community Advisory Committee to support a greater diversity of perspectives in our organizational governance.


CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit organization responsible for providing Canada’s health care decision-makers with objective evidence to help make informed decisions about the optimal use of drugs and medical devices in our health care system. Patient groups, patients, and their families already contribute to CADTH, including to our CADTH Common Drug Review and CADTH pan-Canadian

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Seizure detection and alerting devices hold promise for preventing sudden death in epilepsy.

Cassandra Kazl, MD; and Daniel Friedman, MD, MSc  | Practical Neurology | November/December 2018, Volume 17, Number 9 |  Retrieved From: http://practicalneurology.com/2018/12




For many of the 3 million adults and 470,000 children in the US (1.2% of the population) living with active epilepsy,1 the unpredictable nature of seizures is unsettling for both patients and caregivers. Seizures can have many immediate negative consequences; the most significant is sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), the most common cause of premature death among people with epilepsy.2 The pathophysiology of SUDEP often includes a

Please be advised the warning of a new lighting system at the Tribute Community Centre, home of the Oshawa Generals. If you have received tickets through our volunteer program, or have purchased tickets to see an event at the Tribute Community Centre (details below), please connect with their organization for further information if you are sensistive to this type of lighting as it can be a potential seizure trigger. 


Tribute Community Centre

Director of Business Operations

905.433.0900 ext. 2223



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because a hug is sometimes the most valuable gift...





In November, 2018, Epilepsy Durham Region launched a new, comprehensive, local Epilepsy Clinic in Durham Region. Encompassed in this initiative is our Clinic to Community program which ensures that individuals and their families living with epilepsy receive the education and support that they need to be partners in their healthcare plan. 


To preserve our local epilepsy programming, Clinic to Community, and the Epilepsy Clinic, we have set a goal of raising $500,000, and we're almost

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