because a hug is sometimes the most valuable gift...


In partnership with our community, Epilepsy Durham Region (EDR) made our soft plush charity dog Lora the Lavender Labrador available to front line First Responder staff to help comfort individuals facing traumatic situations. Through the Paws for a Cause fundraising initiative, EDR enthusiastically donated 1,900 Lora the Lavender Labrador charity plush dogs on December 17th, 2019 at the Region of Durham Headquarters.


Why Lora?


Our soft plush charity toy was created to help offer comfort and to provide a smile and a hug to someone in need. For some living with epilepsy can be catastrophic, isolating and lonely.


More than 30 years ago, volunteers established Epilepsy Durham Region (EDR) in an Oshawa school auditorium, with a wish list for a typewriter, pens, and paper. EDR has transformed into a dedicated, thriving, frontline Community Epilepsy Agency that provides local community programs across Durham Region. As EDR grows, so does the request for services and we need your help.


As a staff of two, EDR would not be able to help the nearly 32,000 individuals on average we reach each year without the aid of our dedicated volunteers. The quest to heighten awareness, dispel myths, and provide education is urgent. Please consider volunteering your time or skillset this year, and help to empower the 6,500 individuals and their families living with epilepsy.


If you are interested in volunteering with EDR, please download and complete our


Programs targeted toward at-risk youth in Toronto on the chopping block

Muriel Draaisma, Dexter Brown · CBC News · Posted: Dec 16, 2018 11:31 AM ET | Last Updated: December 16 |


The Ontario government is slashing $25 million in funding for specialized programs in elementary and secondary schools across the province.


The cut will mean the end of a number of initiatives for at-risk youth, including an after-school program run by teens in low-income areas that was established in the wake of the so-called "summer of the gun" in Toronto.


According to the city's public school board, the move will also affect programs that encouraged physical activity among students and offered in-class tutors to children, as well as supports for racialized youth.


MPP Marit Stiles, the NDP education critic, said the cut will be "deeply felt" by students across the



The holiday season is meant to be very joyful and stress-free; however, it normally ends up being the opposite. Constant cleaning for guests, shopping for gifts and going to holiday parties can cause one to feel overwhelmed and worried. This time of year can also bring memories of lost family members which can manifest into sadness or depression.

To begin, it is important to realize that being highly stressed is not good for anyone, particularly someone with epilepsy. This is because stress can be a trigger for someone with this neurological disease, and can cause an increase of seizure activity. Evidently, not everyone with epilepsy has seizures triggered by stress; though, it is important to try and avoid stress when possible to ensure better physical health.

A great way to reduce stress around the time of the holidays is to learn to manage your time. This means planning what you are going to do for

Road to Inclusivity Survey Flyer page 001

There are significant data and information gaps on persons with disabilities in Durham Region. Without access to timely, accurate and comprehensive labour market information and data on persons with disabilities it is difficult to appropriately plan programs, services and interventions to assist in labour market attachment for persons with disabilities. Access to labour market information and data will better allow programs and supports to be appropriately resourced, well-integrated and coordinated to minimize the barriers for youth with disabilities to achieve appropriate long-term attachment to the workforce.

Help the Durham Workforce Authority gain a better understanding of persons with disabilities by completing the


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