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As school begins again for children, kids with epilepsy are worrying about more than just new teachers and classrooms. Many families are afraid of the unpredictability that seizures cause, and if it will keep other kids from being their friend or impact a successful school year. They fear teachers may not know what to do if they have a seizure, they hope there will be after school activities they can participate in, especially if their seizures can’t be controlled with medication. Simply put, having epilepsy makes being a kid complicated!


With your ongoing support, you can ensure that parents and children have the resources they need to overcome the fear they may feel at school, while facing the challenges of epilepsy. With this in mind we are launching our back to school campaign and hope you will help us to reach our goal of $500.00 the

Regular size school bus


For all children with medical concerns it is important to plan in advance to successfully transition the student into a new school year. In order to work towards a safe and productive setting in the school, it is important to promote a strong partnership between your family, key individuals at your child’s school, and your health care team. Children with Epilepsy can face health and learning needs that may need to be accommodated within the school setting and early planning can ensure that school administration and new teachers are up to date with information to plan for success throughout the year. Please click here for some tips to assist with the process of preparing for


July 31st, 2017


Brand name Frisium tablets (DIN 02221799) are being discontinued in Canada. Please see Lundbeck's statement regarding the discontinuation here.


Lundbeck estimates that the remaining supply of Frisium for the Canadian market will be depleted by the end of 2018. This estimate is based current inventory levels and historical usage. The run out date is subject to change if there are unanticipated increases/decreases in demand.


With the advance notice, there is an opportunity to proactively discuss the situation with patients who are stabilized on brand name Frisium and decide when to switch from the branded product to a generic formulation. Patients, their families and healthcare



 Kedron Dells is hosting a charity event to support those living with epilepsy in Durham Region. 


When: September 21, 2017 | 1:00 pm


Where: Kedron Dells Golf Course | 2400 Ritson Road North, Oshawa


Cost: $125.00 per golfer | Lunch and Dinner included


Register online at: 

article 110 ohip for all


In the recent provincial budget, the government announced a new pharmacare program called OHIP+. This program will cover 100% of the costs of medications for everyone from birth up to 24 years of age (inclusive), with no co-pays and no deductibles. An OHIP card is all that is needed. This program will cover prescription medications and nutritional products listed on the provincial formulary as well as drugs approved on a case-by-case basis through the Exceptional Access Program. If the program is approved then coverage will begin on January 1, 2018.





 News release - April 28, 2017:

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