The unpredictable nature of seizures can force people to become isolated and fearful. In some instances Epilepsy can be fatal, but most common are the challenges associated with the appropriate treatment, stigma and isolation.


With no cure as of yet, Epilepsy Durham Region (EDR) actively delivers counseling, support and information to all who access our services. EDR is committed to raising awareness and understanding of the very real issues at a community grass roots level.


Our Pediatric Management Program provides financial assistance to help families cope with the extraordinary costs associated with Epilepsy treatment. Travel, medication and specialized summer camp, and customized safety plans are just a few of the key areas that the Pediatric Management Program helps families.


With no formalized funding from government nor the United Way, Epilepsy Durham Region vigorously advocates for our clients and raises funds to support families in our community.


We are successful in our approach because of the generosity of our community. Your contribution to the Pediatric Management Program will ensure that families, employers and teachers understand the serious health issues associated with Epilepsy. 


Your help directly impacts the quality of life for... 


Julian – an effervescent young man with Epilepsy. He experiences three different types of seizures, and needs specialized glasses to aide with his photosensitivity. Julian is afraid to go to school and take part of regular activities for fear of the next seizure.


Fayth – a heart-warming little girl who suffers from intractable seizures, meaning that she has drug resistant Epilepsy. Due to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment, Fayth now suffers from an Intellectual Disability.


Cameron – a precocious firecracker of a boy who was brave enough to undergo invasive brain surgery to help manage his Epilepsy. Although Cameron is seizure free, he is still taking three different medications and now suffers from a life-altering Intellectual Disability.


...and so many more.


Pediatric Management Program Photo

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