Be a Kid For a Kid Winning Artwork 2016



National Epilepsy Awareness Month, March 2016, provides a platform to raise awareness one voice at a time and our 2016 campaign puts the spotlight on the children affected with this disease. Epilepsy Durham Region's campaign, 'Be a Kid for a Kid' provides a conduit for people to reprioritize and take a moment to help a child in their community, working together as a team towards one common goal – changing the life of a child with Epilepsy.




  • Companies will choose their favourite childhood games to relive alongside colleagues – hopscotch, board games, or even musical chairs; the options are limitless
  • Challenge co-workers
  • Raise awareness about Epilepsy
  • Pledge to HAVE FUN


We're here to help you along the way... On your mark, get set, go!


REGISTER HERE today to support the 1 in 100 children living with Epilepsy in your neighbourhood!





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