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Calling all paper airplane experts! Host a Paper Airplane Contest in your classroom, school, or workplace and prove just how high epilepsy awareness can soar!


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UP, UP and AWAY!


This Purple Paper Plane contest template will help your Epilepsy Awareness Month project to TAKE OFF!




  • Guide your students in making purple paper airplanes and competing in two categories: greatest distance traveled and most time spent in the air
    Purple Paper Planes can be made using purple paper, or decorating copy/art paper with purple markers, paint, etc.
  • Students can participate either individually or as a team – to encourage an entire school to be involved, have the winning airplane from each class compete in an overall school contest
  • Students should build two different types of paper airplanes – one designed to fly as far as possible, and the other designed to stay in the air as long as possible



Building the Paper Airplanes

Step 1: Encourage students to learn about aerodynamics before they begin designing their own planes to understand why paper planes fly. Check out the Scholastic Inc. resource, "What Makes Paper Airplanes Fly?" for material to provide your student.

Step 2: Provide each student (or team of students) with four 8.5" x 11" sheets of copy paper (or purple paper). Allow the students to decorate their paper to showcase their purple pride for Epilepsy Awareness and be sure to include one fact or message about epilepsy. Students may choose to use one or two sheets per paper airplane.

Step 3: Provide the following materials for each student (or team of students). The following materials are optional, and may be used if the students desire, however additional materials are not allowed.

• 1 Standard Paper Clip
• 8 Centimeters of Tape
• 1 Dab of glue
• 3 Staples

Step 4: Students may work on their purple paper planes for the amount of time you see fit – it can even be a fun at home project.


Distance Test Rules

Setup a starting line from which the students will throw their purple paper plane, and record the distances in meters and centimeters. All distances should be measured from the starting line to where the purple paper plane first touches the ground. Each student (or team of students) has up to three chances to get their best result for greatest distance traveled.


Time in Air Test Rules

Setup a starting point from which the students will throw their purple paper plane (this should be the same spot for each throw), and record the flight times with a stopwatch using seconds and hundredths of a second. Each student (or team of students) has up to three chances to get their best results for ‘time in the air’.


Announcing the Winners

When all the results are in, determine winners of each category. Encourage winning purple paper planes from one classroom to challenge other classrooms. Share pictures and first name of winning students with Epilepsy Durham Region so that we can publicly congratulate your pilots!


If you have any questions about this contest template, or would like to brainstorn ideas about how you can help take epilepsy awareness to new heights, please call our office at 905.430.3090 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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