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At the age of 8 months Colton started having seizures and often they were status seizures lasting around 20 minutes. By the time Colton was 2 years old he had over 1000 seizures and was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a rare genetic form of epilepsy which results in prolonged seizures, multiple seizure types, global development delay and other conditions.
Once receiving the diagnosis we started him on the medical Ketogenic diet that quickly helped with seizure control and eliminated the long seizures. The diet involves appointments to Sick Kids to make sure Colton is staying healthy and make adjustments.To this day Colton continues to have seizures, however, this doesn't hold his family back from enjoying life.Colton recently celebrated his 9th birthday, and is a very happy boy. He plays baseball for the Durham Challengers, enjoys traveling and puzzles.
Although it has been a long journey with some very difficult days, our family continues to stay strong and make the most of each seizure free day Colton has.                                                                                        
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