Monthly 50/50 Raffle

Epilepsy Durham Region is participating in the monthly 50/50 raffle organized by Epilepsy Ontario. Proceeds from this virtual 50/50 raffle will help provide education, advocacy, information and support services to the almost 95,000 people living with epilepsy and their families in Ontario. Among other epilepsy organizations throughout Ontario, Epilepsy Durham Region is a beneficiary of this fundraiser. Proceeds from the 50/50 raffle will contribute to the services, programs, events, education, and more that Epilepsy Durham Region provide to people with epilepsy and seizure disorders throughout Durham Region, their loved ones, educators, and health care providers. Make a difference by buying tickets for the raffle, with a chance of winning a monetary prize based on the number of tickets sold for each raffle date. Tickets are priced 3 for $5.00, 10 for $10.00, and 60 for $20.00. Find out more here: