Get Involved

Epilepsy Durham Region has many ways for the community to get involved. Some of these include volunteering, donating, fundraising, events, purchasing merchandise from the Epilepsy Shop, and our monthly 50/50 raffle.


Epilepsy Durham Region thrives when we have volunteers from the community to work with. Volunteers are prominently needed at our various events, including our golf tournament and the Walk for Epilepsy. With help from volunteers, we can provide safe, engaging, and fun events. You can sign up to volunteer here: *insert volunteer form*


With your help, Epilepsy Durham Region can continue to offer programs and services for people with Epilepsy and seizure disorders, their loved ones and caretakers, educators, and health professionals. Donations allow us to contribute to the community through education, programs/services, events, a virtual lecture and conference series, and much more. Epilepsy Durham is a non-government funded not-for-profit organization, and we operate based on funds from donations.


Epilepsy Durham is a non-profit organization that receives no funding from the government or outside organizations. We can continue offering ground-breaking services and programs, events, and education based solely from donations. Fundraising allows the community to get involved through virtual or in-person fundraising efforts, including potentially holding a fundraising event!


Epilepsy Durham Region hosts many events throughout the year. Some of these are fundraising events, while others are for community engagement while still involving fundraising. Some of our key events are the Walk for Epilepsy which will take place on October 17 this year, and will include activities, music, and of course walking for a cause, and another is our annual Epic Golf Tournament, taking place on October 7th 2021, which has a fundraising focus and participants need to raise $750 for.

Epilepsy Shop

In our shop you will find Epilepsy Durham Region merchandise, promotional materials, gifts, and various Epilepsy-related memorabilia. This is a great way to support us and represent Epilepsy Durham Region, which can also help to spread awareness of our organization and Epilepsy resources in Durham Region. To shop now, go here: