Programs & Services

Epilepsy Durham Region offers many programs and services, each positioned to target the focus groups of people of all ages who are diagnosed with epilepsy and seizure disorders and their loved ones/caretakers, school educators, health and professionals. These programs and services aim to educate, raise awareness, and provide resources to contribute to a more accessible community. Utilizing a network of programs and services, our team of staff and volunteers provide support to individuals and their family to assist with the self-management of epilepsy, allowing them to become partners in their healthcare and manage of their condition. Epilepsy Durham Region’s programming consists of one-to-one counselling, outreach education and awareness in schools, peer networking, a virtual lecture and conference series, and employment support. Within these programs and services, both individual and group supports are offered.


Individual Programs

Clinic to Community©

Epilepsy Durham Region has partnered with a local neurologist office to transfer patients directly from their clinic to Epilepsy Durham Region. This program runs on Tuesdays, where the neurologist will transfer patients through video calls to receive the support they need. In these calls, Epilepsy Durham Region provides community connections to various resources.

Client Services – Living Well With Epilepsy

The staff and volunteers at Epilepsy Durham Region understand that epilepsy has life consequences that extend well beyond the experience of having seizures. The impact can be on any aspect of cognitive, physical, social, and/or sensory functioning. Epilepsy Durham Region provides support to all eight municipalities in Durham Region – Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington, Township of Scugog, Brock Township and Uxbridge.

The Living Well with Epilepsy program provides one-on-one support and counselling through virtual meetings. Our staff will provide information about seizures, seizure first aid and how to live your best life after an epilepsy diagnosis.


Group Programs


Project Uplift is a new program called UPLIFT, which stands for Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favourable Thoughts. This is, a mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy program that improves depression, and overall psychological quality of life. This program is for adults aged 18 and older, and involves meeting once a week for an hour for a total of eight weeks. Epilepsy Durham Region is offering separate groups for people living with epilepsy, and parents/caretaker supports.

Peer-to-Peer Network

Epilepsy Durham Region’s Peer-to-Peer Network is a virtual program that runs every other week. It is a virtual social drop- in style group, which allows adults with epilepsy to connect. The goal of this program is to provide individuals located within Durham Region a safe and welcoming place to meet and socialize with others that can relate to their journey with epilepsy.


Other Programs

In-service Presentations

Our in-service presentations are composed of awareness in school-aged children and youth, workplace and employment support, and presentations for seniors. These presentations explain that Epilepsy has life consequences that extend well beyond the experience of having seizures, and how the impact can be on any aspect of cognitive, physical, social, sensory or emotional functioning.

Lecture and Conference Series

Epilepsy Durham Region organizes an annual lecture and conference series in which hot-topics related to epilepsy and accessibility are discussed in individual and/or panel-led discussions. In 2021 and 2022, the focus groups are: caregiver/parents, school educators, health professionals, and youth ambassadors. The lectures will take place three times throughout the year and the conference is scheduled once annually, both will be recorded.