Pulling Together for Epilepsy | Tank Pull

Tanks in Motion, Hope in Action

Epilepsy Durham Region presents the most epic challenge of tug of war! Prepare for a seismic showdown of strength and solidarity at the first-ever Pulling Together for Epilepsy Tank Pull fundraiser!

On Sunday, September 22nd, 2024, teams of 10 from across our community will converge at the Ontario Regiment Museum (RCAC) to harness their power and pull a 20-ton M24 Chaffee tank farther than their fellow competitors in a 30 second time frame. With each pull, teams will not only test their raw strength, but also pull through and make traction for epilepsy support in Durham Region. Teams will vie for victory with all of their might, a feat only amplified by fundraising efforts and the collective support of sponsors, donors, and spectators. If 16 team captains join us on our mission, we will reach our $40,000 to support critical local programming!

This event is a rallying battle cry for epilepsy awareness, a beacon of hope for those living with epilepsy, and a testament to community spirit and unwavering dedication to make a difference. Through this epic display of teamwork and determination, we aim to shatter stigmas, spark conversation, and ignite change.

Join us as we unite in solidarity, pulling together for a world free from the constraints of epilepsy! Register today for your team’s place on the frontlines of this monumental event!

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: If trying to access a Tank Pull link (to sign-up or donate) from Facebook MOBILE APP, after clicking the link or button below, please click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner and select “Open in external browser”***

If you need support with signing up, please review our Sign Up Instructions Guide.



Sign up today to be part of the Pull Together for Epilepsy Tank Pull challenge as a team captain! It’s simple – set up your team peer-to-peer fundraising page and use our list of resources below to help you along the way! As a participant, you are committing to raising a minimum of $250 or a team total of $2,500.

**Please read our terms and conditions here.  If you need support with signing up, please review our Sign Up Instructions Guide for reference. 


Find 9 others to join your team and collectively fundraise leading up to the big day. Have each team member join your online team, and share the participant resources to motivate your team along the way. 

**Please note, teams of more than 10 people are able to sign up online to fundraise for your team, however a maximum of 10 people are able to take part in the Tank Pull on September 22nd.


With a minimum goal of $250, utilize the peer-to-peer fundraising platform to reach potential donors. Epilepsy Durham Region has provided some tips and tools in the participant resources below to help amplify your voice and make fundraising a smooth and meaningful process.


Connect with your networks in person, on social media, and by email to share why you are passionate about the Pulling Together for Epilepsy Tank Pull Fundraiser.


Join us with your team of ten on September 22nd to compete in the greatest challenge of tug of war against a M24 Chaffee tank! Teams will have 30 seconds to pull an 20-ton tank as far as they can!

Every team is making an IMMEASURABLE impact in the lives of so many in Durham Region affected by Epilepsy! To make YOUR day extra special, there will be prizes for the top individual fundraiser, the top fundraising team, and the team that pulls the tank the furthest!

Please read the Pulling Together for Epilepsy | Tank Pull Fundraiser Terms and Conditions.

For reference, you may find it helpful to review our Sign Up Instructions Guide.